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June 2016 Archives

Marriage may impact Social Security benefits for same-sex couples

Certain federal benefits preceded the U.S. Supreme Court’s historic vote on marriage equality, but getting up to speed on many new federal benefits may take a lot of time. One potentially complex area is Social Security spousal and survivor benefits. Since our law firm provides assistance in the areas of same-sex and family law, retirement and estate planning, we will address several areas where a couple may need to update their affairs.

Couple proposes cancer center, SEC claims EB-5 fraud

It is a system touted as one that benefits both the United States and foreigners that are interested in immigrating. It allows foreign investors to invest in developing projects in the United States. In exchange, if the project meets certain criteria, the investors receive the ability to legally enter the United States.

Do same-sex couples need to rethink their estate plans?

In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on marriage rights for same-sex couples, it may be tempting to assume that estate planning rights will naturally fall into place. True, marriage provides a right of inheritance to a surviving spouse. Yet that right shouldn’t be viewed as an excuse for putting off estate planning.