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October 2016 Archives

Same sex divorce triggers new issues over parental rights

Where two females are legally married and have a child that one of them carries to birth, what happens to the non-birth parent's rights upon a separation or divorce? The answer is that basically the same outcomes and principles will apply in a same sex divorce that apply to a heterosexual couple in a similar situation. That principle was enunciated by the United States Supreme Court in 2014 and applies in all jurisdictions, including New York. 

Planning in order to avoid trust & estate litigation matters

Estate planning allows a New York individual to protect and manage valuable property. After death, certain legal protections and documents in an estate plan ensure that the right beneficiaries receive their intended assets as well as shield heirs from some tax consequences. Proper planning can protect the best interests of loved ones and help those left behind avoid complicated and expensive trust & estate litigation matters.

We can help avoid or defend against EB-5 fraud accusations

There are many positive reasons why a company or individual would want to live and work in the United States. However, obtaining the necessary legal approval to accomplish this can be hard to obtain. In order to avoid accusations of EB-5 fraud, it would be wise for businesses or business-focused individuals to seek the assistance of a New York lawyer when navigating these complicated immigration law issues.

Trust and estate litigation matters cause complications for heirs

When music superstar Prince died, multiple people came forward attempting to claim a piece of the singer's vast and valuable estate. With the lack of a valid will, trust and estate litigation matters have caused a host of complications for rightful heirs and members of the family. At this point, it is believed that Prince's siblings will be the ones to inherit the estate.

Two difficulties associated with same-sex divorce

There was much celebration throughout the country when the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in 2015 with its ruling in Obergfell v. Hodges. For those who supported same-sex marriage, it was a big win. Unfortunately, it was not the end of the legal battles same-sex couples would face.