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November 2016 Archives

Handling trust & estate litigation matters in New York

Although some people in New York may want to avoid discussions of their own mortality, others believe such conversations are better off addressed as early as possible in life. Most people want to protect their own best interests and provide for loved ones as time goes on. Thinking in the long-term, one of the easiest ways to protect assets and secure an inheritance is to execute a well-designed estate plan. Estate owners sometimes face trust & estate litigation matters that are difficult to resolve without experienced intervention.

Proposed changes could impact EB-5 fraud cases

As he prepares for the upcoming session of Congress, Senator Patrick Leahy is also getting ready to push for new reforms in immigration matters. Specifically, he aims to promote the EB-5 fraud reform package that was proposed in the summer. While Congress did extend the immigrant investor legislation in late September, Leahy believes that those efforts did little to protect against fraud, which he believes is rampant. Many New York residents are concerned about how the matter will move forward once Donald Trump takes office early next year.

Family law matters facing same-sex parents

Addressing matters of child custody is never an easy thing. For New York same-sex families, the issue can be even more complicated. A recent case illustrates the issues that same-sex parents face when addressing family law matters. As the courts continue to wrestle with issues related to same-sex marriage and child custody, parents across the nation continue to encounter difficulty in securing parental rights.

Family ties and trust and estate litigation matters

When most New York families turn their attention to estate planning, they often consider how to distribute their accumulated assets. Unfortunately, less consideration is given to choosing which family member will actually handle the administration of the estate. In order to avoid trust and estate litigation matters, families must take the time to determine who should be designated as the estate administrator.