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December 2016 Archives

EB-5 fraud suspicions can cause visa delays and other obstacles

Over a decade ago, the U.S. Congress created a program meant to stimulate the economy through job creation and capital investment from foreign investors. Entrepreneurs, their spouses and unmarried children under age 21 are able to apply for permanent residency in New York or elsewhere in the United States if they meet eligibility requirements under the EB-5 program. The process is often complicated, and suspicion of EB-5 fraud can cause significant delays.

Financial advisors and same sex divorce/family law matters

When faced with the prospect of divorce, many New York spouses are unsure how to proceed. The process of unraveling a shared life is daunting, especially when it comes to matters related to property division. The division of marital wealth will have lasting ramifications for both spouses, and is an area where extreme caution should be employed. For those who are in the early stages of same sex divorce/family law matters, it may be helpful to make use of a professional financial advisor.

Same Sex Divorce/Family Law Matters

For many New York spouses, the division of marital wealth is a top priority during a divorce. The outcome of the property division process will have lasting ramifications for both parties. In order to obtain financial security for the years ahead, is necessary to reach a fair and favorable divorce settlement. This is one of many same sex divorce/family law matters that a divorce attorney can assist with.

Avoiding trust and estate litigation matters

Many New York residents spend a great deal of time deciding who to name as their successor or beneficiary. This is an important decision, and one that should never be made lightly. The individual who is chosen to fulfill this task will have a number of important responsibilities, and will also be granted assets. Avoiding trust and estate litigation matters connected to successor or beneficiary designations can go a long way toward creating an estate plan that is in line with an individual's needs.

Same-sex adoption in New York

Same-sex couples have the legal right to adopt in New York, but these couples may find that there are still certain complications ahead. The law grants only the birth parent rights, but adoption can help a same-sex parent legally establish his or her relationship with a child.

Trust & estate litigation matters of Maurice Sendak

Many New York readers are familiar with the work of author Maurice Sendak. The beloved children's author passed away in 2012. However, his name has become synonymous with trust & estate litigation matters based on contention over a portion of the author's rare books collection. That dispute was recently settled, likely to the relief of Sendak's heirs and those associated with the author's charitable foundation.