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February 2017 Archives

New light shined on case surrounding EB-5 fraud allegations

In August of last year, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services asked a state bordering New York to provide certain information regarding a visa fraud investigation. The USCIS investigation is said to be the largest EB-5 fraud inquiry in the country's history. Recently, there has been a new twist in the investigation. 

Holiday proposal may lead to same sex divorce/family law matters

One of the most romantic holidays has recently come and gone once again. While it may seem like a good idea to celebrate the love of one's life with a Valentine marriage proposal, the statistics show there is a correlation between these holiday proposals and same sex divorce/family law matters. There may be many former couples in New York who went through their own holiday-linked divorce.

New verse in Prince's trust and estate litigation woes

Recently, the media reported that months after Prince's sudden death, there are new lawsuits that have been filed. One new civil suit alleges that the advisors to the singer's estate have mishandled certain aspects of their duties. Many New York fans of the entertainer may have heard about this latest round in the trust and estate litigation that have beleaguered the singer's legacy.

The legal protections available to domestic partners in New York

The decision to cohabitate with a partner is an important step in any relationship, but simply moving your stuff from one home to another may not be enough. If you are entering a domestic partnership, it is important to take the necessary steps in order to protect your financial and legal interests.

Group offers advice in order to help avoid EB-5 fraud

The United States government offers a variety of visa programs to allow hopeful immigrants an opportunity to make a new life in this country. However, there are also opportunities for misuse of some of these programs. There may be some immigrants here in New York who have fallen victim to EB-5 fraud.