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March 2017 Archives

Head off trust and estate litigation matters by including pets

There are many details that need to be considered when one decides to write up formal estate plans. While there are no absolute guarantees, being as specific as possible can help deflect trust and estate litigation matters. New York residents may not have thought about the possibility of including pets in these plans.

Considering EB-5 investments in America?

The topic of immigration is definitely controversial. In fact, if you mention it among family or friends, you are likely to incite contentious debates. Opinions vary greatly in New York, from those who believe in doing everything possible to advocate for people who are trying their best to build successful lifestyles in the United States to those whose ideas involve closing America's borders to all non-citizens. Then, there are others who fall somewhere in between when it comes to immigration policy, employment, undocumented versus documented immigrants and other pertinent subjects.

U.S. lawmaker wants to end EB-5 fraud by cutting visa program

In spite of the ongoing national debate regarding immigration, there are still a variety of visa programs that are offered for those who are seeking to come to this country. However, one lawmaker expressed his desire to end EB-5 fraud abuse by revoking this visa program. There are likely many developers and investors living in New York who may have an interest in keeping the program alive.

Adoption and custody in same sex divorce/family law matters

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2015 that same sex marriage is a legal institution throughout the country. As a result, many of these couples may be under the mistaken impression that same sex adoption and custody will be treated with the same legal protections that heterosexual couples enjoy. However, same sex couples in New York may benefit from seeking more information concerning the state's position regarding same sex divorce/family law matters.

Man agrees to settlement in case which includes EB-5 fraud charge

The federal government oversees all of the visa programs in New York and the rest of the country, and as a result, it reacts with harsh penalties whenever one is suspected of violating the laws and procedures regarding these visas. One program that seems to sometimes be more susceptible to illegal activity is the one that allows foreign nationals to obtain a green card through investing in real estate projects that provide employment opportunities for U.S. workers. One man has recently agreed to drop his fight against EB-5 fraud allegations.

Wills may be an asset in trust and estate litigation matters

While many people may have definite opinions as to whether a will would be suitable for them, there are situations and reasons why one may indeed be a useful document. There are many different types of trust and estate planning tools and there is no one document that will fit every need. New York families have many options when it comes to ensuring that their estates and other worldly possessions are disposed of as they desire and are insulated from trust and estate litigation matters.