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April 2017 Archives

Careful plans may prevent trust and estate litigation matters

An estimated half of adult Americans have not settled on how their property and possessions should be disbursed after their deaths. However, not having specific plans in place may lead to trust and estate litigation matters, especially if heirs are unaware of the owners' intentions beforehand. Many New York residents may also tend to put off making these sometimes difficult decisions.

Using a trust may avoid some trust and estate litigation matters

Many people may associate wills with making final plans. However, if one wishes to avoid some trust and estate litigation matters, then setting up a trust and sitting down with loved ones may go a long way. New York families do have resources available when they decide it is time to make these types of decisions.

Court rules case goes back in same sex divorce/family law matters

A Supreme Court in one state has ruled that a custody case needs to go back to the lower court in order to ensure that a mother's rights are upheld. The majority ruled that a court may have relied too heavily on a child advocate and on one parent's religious beliefs when its decision was rendered in a case dealing with same sex divorce/family law matters. Some New York families may be interested in the outcome of the case once it is concluded.

Businessman's company raided over suspected EB-5 fraud

Many foreign nationals have hopes of wanting to emigrate to this country and are willing to invest in order to do so. Unfortunately, not every investment opportunity is what it appears to be, and there have been several instances of EB-5 fraud allegations. This federal program is available in New York and likely has brought many new projects to local communities, though there may have been fraudulent investments as well.

Inheritance changes may spark concerns over will validity

A loved one's Last Will and Testament plays a significant role during the administration of his or her estate. Therefore, as a surviving family member, you may have concerns when details of the will seem strange or unlike what your loved one would have intended. Various circumstances could have resulted in your loved one creating or changing a will to reflect wishes on which he or she did not fully decide.