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June 2017 Archives

Selection of trustees may avoid trust and estate litigation

One of the most important decisions one makes is deciding on an estate plan that best fits one's needs. If setting up a trust is chosen, then the careful selection of fiduciaries to manage the trust may help offset the possibility of trust and estate litigation. In New York, an experienced estate planning attorney can provide ongoing assistance in this regard.

Same sex divorce may require more careful planning

When the United States Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage was entitled to the same considerations under the constitution as heterosexual marriage, that also included the rights of these couples to dissolve a relationship that is no longer viable. However, those considering the process of obtaining a same sex divorce may benefit from careful planning before starting the process. Every state has its own laws regulating divorce, and New York residents can seek more information regarding how this process will work for them.

Senator Chuck Grassley wants project looked into for EB-5 fraud

An estimated 80 percent of foreign investments into real estate development projects here in New York and throughout the country are provided by primarily Chinese investors. In exchange for these monies, many of these foreign nationals are hoping to qualify for a green card through a visa program. Unfortunately, this particular program has often been investigated for suspected EB-5 fraud.

Don't let your demise end in trust and estate litigation

The old expression that the only things that cannot be avoided are death and taxes may be rolled into one when it comes to preparing your will and other planning documents. As you are settling on the best options for your heirs, it may be a concern that a disgruntled relative may challenge your decisions. New York residents may worry that their plans could wind up in trust and estate litigation.

Getting married? Same-sex couples need prenups, too

Since the U.S. Supreme Court opened up the possibility of marriage for same-sex couples, they have made their unions legal through marriage here in New York and elsewhere. As time passes, however, same-sex couples have begun to realize that they take the same risk as all married couples do -- the possibility of divorce.