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September 2017 Archives

Key points to consider that may help reduce estate litigation

Even though it may be an unpleasant task, contemplating one's demise is a human tendency. However, making plans for what happens to one's estate after he or she is gone could ease some anxieties while also possibly forestalling estate litigation by disgruntled family members or other interested parties. New York residents may benefit from reviewing their current plans or taking steps to ensure their wishes are met if they have not done so already.

Federal judge allows alleged EB-5 fraud suit to continue

There are several different visa programs available, and each one has a different set of regulations and requirements. However, only one program requires a considerable investment from foreign nationals, which has led to several allegations of EB-5 fraud. While there have been many projects in New York that have been completed by way of these investments, there are other projects that have been the subject of civil lawsuits.

Separate rulings result in conflict over same-sex parental rights

The Supreme Court ruling in 2015 regarding marriage equality may have been understood by some families to provide protection for more than just marital relationships. There could be some same-sex couples who have assumed that this ruling also confers parental rights when a marriage ends in divorce. There may be many New York families who are attempting to discern how custody could be affected in a same-sex dissolution that includes children.

Same sex adoptions gaining more acceptance

Families come into being in wonderfully diverse ways. One growing family dynamic is that of the ones including a same sex couple and their children. While many of these couples do find ways to have a biological child, a more common way of raising children is through same sex adoption. It is likely that there are hundreds of these families who call New York their home.