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December 2017 Archives

How do courts deal with frozen embryos in a divorce?

Many New York couples fail to feel as though their families are complete without children. However, whether it stems from timing, inability to conceive or some other reason, some couples decide to use in-vitro fertilization to create embryos that could result in a child someday. When couples decide to wait to use them, the clinic could freeze them for future use.

In spite of concerns over EB-5 fraud, program extended for now

Of the many avenues that are open for immigrants who wish to start over in America, one of the most controversial was just extended for another month. This visa, which is obtained in part through investments, is often the target for allegations of EB-5 fraud. There are many projects in New York that came to fruition through the use of these important investment funds.

Woman seeking to end parental rights after same-sex divorce

It is rare that a parent will attempt to avoid child support by seeking to have his or her parental rights terminated. In another state, a former spouse is seeking to have her own parental rights revoked after her same-sex divorce. The unusual circumstances raise issues about child rearing that has caught the attention of advocacy groups in New York and elsewhere. 

Addiction complications can lead to estate litigation at times

For years, the main reason many New York residents would undertake estate planning was to safeguard their assets from taxes. In the past few years, there may be another pressing need to ensure that one is not vulnerable to estate litigation, and that is the issue of addiction. There are some steps that one may be able to take in order to plan for how this sensitive problem may be addressed.

Woman enters guilty plea for alleged EB-5 fraud worth $50 million

The EB-5 visa is an immigration program that offers foreign investors a path to immigration through investments into American development projects that provide jobs and economic growth. This particular visa has often come under government scrutiny due to allegations of EB-5 fraud. While this program has provided funding for successful New York projects, there are others that never came to fruition due to allegations of illegal activity.