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January 2018 Archives

Using a beneficiary deed may avoid some estate litigation

When parents work hard to acquire their dream home, they may worry how to ensure their hard work will benefit their intended heirs. While there may always be a risk of one's final wishes being contested, there are some measures that may help prevent certain estate litigation efforts. There are many tools available to New York residents that may ensure peace of mind.

Marital agreements are an asset for same-sex relationships, too

The old adage that nothing lasts forever is true for so many things, including relationships. No matter one's best intentions, every marriage can face difficult times that may cause it to end in divorce, including same-sex marriages. New York couples who are contemplating getting married -- or who already have -- may consider drafting a marital agreement that can offer protection for themselves and their loved ones.

Woman appeals ruling that considers former same-sex spouse father

In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage was afforded the same protection under the laws as is heterosexual marriage. With that ruling, there has been a host of other issues relating to same-sex marriage that have cropped up in state courts across the country, including here in New York. Now, a woman is petitioning the Supreme Court to wade in on another case concerning paternity rights.

Kushner company investigation over possible EB-5 fraud

In 1990, the federal government was seeking avenues to obtain more funding for development projects in the poorer economic regions of the country. From those efforts, a new visa program was started that allowed foreign investors an opportunity to obtain a visa through investments in projects that provide a minimum of 10 jobs for current residents. Unfortunately, the program has since been the target for a few unscrupulous developers who have engaged in EB-5 fraud and misappropriated monies meant for specific projects, possibly including some here in New York. 

Proper planning and tools can reduce estate litigations

No one relishes the idea of contemplating one's own demise. Unfortunately, there is no avoiding this eventuality, and heirs may have one less worry with careful planning that can reduce the risk of estate litigation. New York has laws that apply to estate planning that can aid one in creating plans that will best fit each unique family's needs.