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February 2018 Archives

Proper estate planning can help preserve a family business legacy

When one works hard to establish a family business, it is often hoped that one's heirs will take over the company and grow it into the future. This is the reason many business owners work hard to ensure that their family will benefit from their efforts to make the entity successful. Without proper estate planning, however, New York residents might not be able to preserve their family's legacy.

In spite of concerns of EB-5 fraud, visa will finance new project

It was recently announced that the former Navy shipyard complex in New York will be converted for multiple uses. Part of the financing of the planned redevelopment will be obtained through the use of the EB-5 visa program. In spite of the concerns of previous allegations concerning EB-5 fraud, it is anticipated that millions will be raised for the construction.

Same-sex estate plans often require more attention to detail

Even though the 2015 Supreme Court ruling was a landmark event concerning gay marriage, it has not solved all of the issues that may crop up. When it comes to estate planning, many same-sex couples may mistakenly believe that such planning will be similar what opposite sex couples face. Unfortunately, even though New York has many protections, it may be beneficial to ensure that there are as many documents prepared as possible.