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July 2018 Archives

Would your partnership benefit from a co-habitation agreement?

Same-sex couples in New York that choose to live together may not wish to marry at the time. Living together is a sign of a committed and long-term relationship, but a couple may find it beneficial to put certain legal protections in place in case the relationship ends. This is possible by drafting a cohabitation agreement.

25-year study shows no harmful effect of same-sex marriage

The New England Journal of Medicine is a distinguished publication that is revered for its in-depth peer-reviewed articles. As such, it is often quoted when researchers are able to produce note-worthy results after years of collecting data through investigative efforts. One such study may finally bring validation to same-sex families here in New York that shows no correlation between children raised by same-sex parents and any mental health deficits.

Investors sue developers, bank alleging EB-5 fraud over project

The establishment of the EB-5 visa was intended as a way of obtaining foreign investment capital for certain projects that met the program's parameters. In exchange for the minimum $500,000 investment, a foreign national who met the qualifications would then be eligible to apply for a green card. Many states, including New York, have benefited from this particular visa program though it has been the target of many EB-5 fraud attempts.

Taxes are not the only reason to draft estate planning documents

It is likely that the majority of people who hear about the importance of setting up trusts or drafting wills believe that the main goal is to avoid estate taxes. However, there are many compelling reasons to choose to set up estate planning documents. New York residents may not be aware of the variety of purposes that these planning tools can fulfill.

In spite of marriage equality, same-sex families still struggle

The United States Supreme Court ruled in 2015 that marriage equality would be the law of the land. In spite of this landmark ruling, there are still pockets of resistance against same-sex families. New York has passed many laws that afford these couples protection, but even here, there are still incidents involving discrimination.