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October 2018 Archives

Battle over James Brown's estate litigation plays on

When a beloved musical artist passes away, fans often take comfort in the fact that the music they produced will live on. However, in some cases, it seems the estate litigation may also live on, such as the case in the battle over James Brown's estate. Fans in New York -- and elsewhere -- may be surprised to learn that, more than 12 years after the singer's death, the rights to his music and estate remain unresolved.

Same-sex couples concerned about protecting marriage rights

In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage deserved the same protections as those afforded heterosexual couples. However, that ruling came from a supreme court that had a slightly different composition. The justice who often held the swing vote in more controversial topics recently retired. It is likely that same-sex couples in New York and elsewhere worry what a new justice may bring to the table.

Which people have standing to dispute the terms of a will?

A will is a document written with the intent of allowing a person to outline how he or she wants to distribute assets and wealth after passing. In some cases, wills are straightforward and simple, and a New York family and beneficiaries can complete this process with few complications. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Foreign investors accuse developer of committing EB-5 fraud

Many New York developers have completed their projects with the help of funding raised through the EB-5 visa program. This program was started in 1990 and allows foreign nationals an opportunity to obtain a green card through investments in qualified projects here in the United States. Unfortunately, the program has been tarnished by allegations of EB-5 fraud. The latest allegation involves nearly 200 investors who claim to have been defrauded.

Is your executor willing and able to carry out your estate plans?

Life is full of tasks and conversations that one would rather avoid. Of all of these, the discussion over estate plans may be one of the most difficult but necessary conversations one will ever have in life. Though many New York residents would rather put the task off as long as possible, the sooner one sets up these vital plans and chooses a qualified executor, the sooner one can enjoy peace of mind.

Adminstration to deny visas to unmarried same-sex UN partners

The U.S. Supreme Court, in 2015, extended marriage protections to same-sex couples. Nevertheless, when it comes to same-sex partners, many countries refuse to give legal rights to these couples. Following a recent announcement from the current administration concerning enforcement of certain immigration policies, some same-sex partners in New York who are attached to the United Nations may face deportation.