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January 2019 Archives

Judge confirms man's mental capacity; ends estate litigation

When one takes the time to establish estate plans, it is likely not anticipated that there will be any challenges -- especially before his or her demise. Unfortunately, there may be attempts on the part of disgruntled heirs to initiate estate litigation. New York residents who are concerned about such challenges may take steps to ensure their wishes are upheld.

There are financial advantages for same-sex couples who marry

Once same-sex marriage was legalized in 2015, it opened the door for gay couples to have the same advantages available to opposite-sex spouses. Though there are many personal reasons to marry, same-sex couples may also take the financial aspects into account when considering formalizing their relationship status. Though every state, including New York, has its own laws, there are many advantages available to married couples

Investors alleging EB-5 fraud; seeking funds via federal lawsuit

The EB-5 visa program is classified as a type of employment-based visa that allows foreign investors an opportunity to secure a visa and then permanent residency. Though this visa has supported many successful projects here in New York, it has its share of critics. Many of these opponents state that examples of EB-5 fraud have tainted the visa program. 

Estate planning cohesiveness essential to fully meet one's needs

Many people may think that estate plans typically consist of setting up trusts and drafting wills. However, there are many aspects of estate planning that should be carefully considered. New York residents who are contemplating tackling this vital task may be uncertain which documents they will need in order to provide a comprehensive estate plan.

State residents fondly mark 5 years of same-sex marriages

A few years before the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling that granted marriage protections to gay and lesbian couples, individual states were working on the issue. While some states such as New York were more willing to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples, others were resistant to the idea. Residents in one state recently recalled the days leading up to the official recognition of gay marriages.