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February 2019 Archives

Couples going through same-sex divorce face different obstacles

Since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act in 2015, an estimated 491,000 same-sex couples have married. Unfortunately, these marriages are just as likely to end in divorce if the relationship sours. In spite of the legality of gay marriages, New York residents who choose to file for a same-sex divorce may face obstacles that do not apply to heterosexual marriages.

Life is unpredictable; having an estate plan eases minds

Life is unpredictable. In spite of taking precautions and avoiding risky behaviors, anything can happen, and loved ones may be left to pick up the pieces. New York residents who have an estate plan can help ease some of the burdens on their loved ones.

Investors can take action to help reduce risk of EB-5 fraud

There are countless foreign nationals who dream of obtaining a green card and beginning a new life here in New York or elsewhere in the United States. One popular avenue for seeking this opportunity is through the EB-5 visa. Though this program has had its share of allegations regarding EB-5 fraud, investors can take measures that reduces this risk.

Alarming decision permits discrimination of same-sex adoptions

In 2014, a retail corporation protested a requirement regarding prescription coverage for employees. This protest claimed that religious freedom was being violated, leading to the U.S. Supreme Court to expand upon the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which grants corporations and individuals the right to refuse to abide by certain provisions if they are a violation of religious beliefs and tenets. This previous exception has now led to concerns that the rights of same-sex parents and others could be impacted in other states, including New York.