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Adminstration to deny visas to unmarried same-sex UN partners

The U.S. Supreme Court, in 2015, extended marriage protections to same-sex couples. Nevertheless, when it comes to same-sex partners, many countries refuse to give legal rights to these couples. Following a recent announcement from the current administration concerning enforcement of certain immigration policies, some same-sex partners in New York who are attached to the United Nations may face deportation.

Judge rules that cases concerning same-sex adoption can move on

The Supreme Court decision to extend constitutional protections to same-sex married couples has not ended the struggles that many of these families are still facing. When it comes to same-sex adoption and parental rights, there remains much work to be done. New York families have many protections under state laws, but there are still situations when these couples encounter difficulties.

The road to legal same-sex marriage was long with many u-turns

In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court finally settled the legal question of whether gay marriage would be the law of the land. This ruling came after a long and winding route that the issue traveled throughout the many state courts. Though New York ruled that same-sex marriages were legal in 2011, even here, the issue went back and forth for several years.

Divorce and finances may be more complex in same-sex divorce

When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled for marriage equality, it also cleared the way for couples in a same-sex relationship to dissolve their union legally. However, the process of getting to the final decree may be a bit more complex when it comes to a same-sex divorce. New York residents do have laws that offer protection, but it may still take time to reach a satisfactory settlement agreement.

25-year study shows no harmful effect of same-sex marriage

The New England Journal of Medicine is a distinguished publication that is revered for its in-depth peer-reviewed articles. As such, it is often quoted when researchers are able to produce note-worthy results after years of collecting data through investigative efforts. One such study may finally bring validation to same-sex families here in New York that shows no correlation between children raised by same-sex parents and any mental health deficits.

In spite of marriage equality, same-sex families still struggle

The United States Supreme Court ruled in 2015 that marriage equality would be the law of the land. In spite of this landmark ruling, there are still pockets of resistance against same-sex families. New York has passed many laws that afford these couples protection, but even here, there are still incidents involving discrimination.

Advocates believe same-sex adoption will be headed to top court

In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that marriage equality for same-sex couples would be the law of the land. Since then, there have been small pockets of resistance in a handful states in the form of passing laws that would allow some religious agencies to discriminate against same-sex adoption applications. New York does have laws that provide protections for these couples; however, many advocates believe that the issue will be headed to the top court for a definitive decision.

Steps to consider when facing a same-sex divorce with children

Even though the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of marriage equality for gay couples, every state does not have uniform laws regarding other aspects of family law. When a New York resident is facing a same-sex divorce with minor children in the home, there are several matters to take into consideration. Taking proactive steps early may preserve one's parenting rights later.

Same-sex couple believes they were wrongly denied adoption chance

For many couples, the dream of becoming parents may only be possible through adoption. Adoptive parents come in all forms, including those families comprised of same-sex couples. Though New York has laws in place that protect the rights of these residents to seek adoption, not every state is proactive.  

Upcoming census may mean more protections for same-sex families

Every 10 years, the federal government conducts an in-depth review of the composition of its current residents. In the past, it did not include any specific questions directed toward gathering more information for same-sex families. However, the upcoming census will have questions that may provide New York and all other states with more detailed information regarding the numbers and needs of same-sex households.