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Estate litigation between Tolkien and Warner Bros finally settled

Fans of the Lord of the Rings movies may have reason to rejoice in the days ahead. The estate litigation between the Tolkien family and Warner Bros. studio has finally been settled. Movie goers in New York and elsewhere may now have a future feature film to look forward to in the months ahead.

Selection of trustees may avoid trust and estate litigation

One of the most important decisions one makes is deciding on an estate plan that best fits one's needs. If setting up a trust is chosen, then the careful selection of fiduciaries to manage the trust may help offset the possibility of trust and estate litigation. In New York, an experienced estate planning attorney can provide ongoing assistance in this regard.

Don't let your demise end in trust and estate litigation

The old expression that the only things that cannot be avoided are death and taxes may be rolled into one when it comes to preparing your will and other planning documents. As you are settling on the best options for your heirs, it may be a concern that a disgruntled relative may challenge your decisions. New York residents may worry that their plans could wind up in trust and estate litigation.

A Letter of Final Wishes might avoid trust and estate litigation

When New York residents think of estate planning, it is likely that wills, trusts and taxes are the first things that come to mind. Indeed, these documents may even help prevent the possibility of trust and estate litigation. However, there is one other item that may help heirs to understand some of the reasons behind their benefactors' final plans.

Careful plans may prevent trust and estate litigation matters

An estimated half of adult Americans have not settled on how their property and possessions should be disbursed after their deaths. However, not having specific plans in place may lead to trust and estate litigation matters, especially if heirs are unaware of the owners' intentions beforehand. Many New York residents may also tend to put off making these sometimes difficult decisions.

Using a trust may avoid some trust and estate litigation matters

Many people may associate wills with making final plans. However, if one wishes to avoid some trust and estate litigation matters, then setting up a trust and sitting down with loved ones may go a long way. New York families do have resources available when they decide it is time to make these types of decisions.

Head off trust and estate litigation matters by including pets

There are many details that need to be considered when one decides to write up formal estate plans. While there are no absolute guarantees, being as specific as possible can help deflect trust and estate litigation matters. New York residents may not have thought about the possibility of including pets in these plans.

Wills may be an asset in trust and estate litigation matters

While many people may have definite opinions as to whether a will would be suitable for them, there are situations and reasons why one may indeed be a useful document. There are many different types of trust and estate planning tools and there is no one document that will fit every need. New York families have many options when it comes to ensuring that their estates and other worldly possessions are disposed of as they desire and are insulated from trust and estate litigation matters.

New verse in Prince's trust and estate litigation woes

Recently, the media reported that months after Prince's sudden death, there are new lawsuits that have been filed. One new civil suit alleges that the advisors to the singer's estate have mishandled certain aspects of their duties. Many New York fans of the entertainer may have heard about this latest round in the trust and estate litigation that have beleaguered the singer's legacy.