A prenuptial agreement may be the last thing that an engaged couple wants to think about. After the two individuals have decided to get married, there is a lot of planning to be done. It’s a very exciting period of time for most individuals. But before things get too exciting, it’s important to remember that marriage is a long-term legal commitment. If at any point either individual wants out of this legal contract, there may be a lot of issues that have to be sorted.

For this reason, a lot of couples are turning to prenuptial agreements. You do not have to be rich in order to create a prenuptial agreement. The document can help a person protect his or her assets in case of a divorce. An individual can also use a prenup to protect him or herself from taking on the debt of the other person. In the end, this document can help speed up a divorce and keep it from getting contentious.

If you do not have a prenuptial agreement that outlines these issues, the state of New York has its own set of laws that will determine how your property will be handled if your marriage ends. While many may think of writing a prenuptial agreement as a bad way to start a marriage, many people are starting to realize that it’s a smart way to get all the important details out on the table and that it can actually help strengthen your marriage in the long run.