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EB1s are issued to foreigners with extraordinary abilities. Typically, they are given to artists, scientists, researchers, managers, or executives. To qualify for the visa, the individual does not need sponsorship, but rather must meet three out of the 10 criteria listed below:

  • Receipt of national or international awards for excellence

  • Memberships or associations in the qualified field that require outstanding achievement for members to join

  • Published materials about the applicant in professional or trade publications or other major media outlets

  • Service as a judge of others in your field

  • A significant contribution to their field or profession

  • Articles written in professional or trade publications or other major media outlets

  • The applicant’s work has been displayed in exhibitions

  • Performance as a leading or crucial role in distinguished organizations

  • Earns a high salary compared to others in the same field

  • Commercial success in the field of the performing arts

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New York City EB2 Immigration Visa Lawyers

EB2s are issued to candidates who have outstanding skills and abilities. To qualify for EB2, the candidate must show that his or her professional service will benefit the country as a whole.

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