Same-sex couples have the legal right to adopt in New York, but these couples may find that there are still certain complications ahead. The law grants only the birth parent rights, but adoption can help a same-sex parent legally establish his or her relationship with a child.

If you are not the biological parent of a child in your family, you would be wise to consider this legal step to protect your rights as a same-sex parent. Not only will it allow you to clearly establish the nature of the relationship you have with your child, it will allow you to have decision-making authority as well.

The rights granted to you as an adoptive parent

As part of a same-sex couple, it is important to protect your children and your relationship by taking the appropriate legal steps, which likely include adoption. Once the process is complete, the rights and responsibilities granted to you through this legal process will include the following:

  • Adoption will provide you the right to make decisions regarding religious upbringing, educational preferences, medical care and other important decisions.
  • Adoption will allow you to have custody rights and maintain care of the child if the other parent becomes incapacitated for any reason.
  • Adoption will allow you to pursue custody or visitation rights in the event that you divorce or separate from the other parent.
  • Adoption will require you to financially support the child and will give the child inheritance rights after your death.

The security and well-being of your children is your main priority, and it may be necessary to take legal steps for this. If you are not the biological parent, adoption would provide you and your family many benefits and peace of mind for the future.

Positive resolutions to complex family law matters

Same-sex parents will find there is great benefit to ensuring that their parental rights are established and secure. Protecting your child goes beyond physical care, it also means laying the groundwork to ensure your family’s needs are met for years to come.

Adoption is a beautiful way to grow a family and formalize the strong relationship that you already have with your children. When you work with an attorney experienced in same-sex family law issues, you can know which legal path is most appropriate and most beneficial for your family.