Families come into being in wonderfully diverse ways. One growing family dynamic is that of the ones including a same sex couple and their children. While many of these couples do find ways to have a biological child, a more common way of raising children is through same sex adoption. It is likely that there are hundreds of these families who call New York their home.

One adoption agency compiled statistics to show the growing acceptance of same sex adoptions throughout the country. Out of the millions of families that are comprised of a same sex couple, more than 94,627 are currently raising children. More than 6 percent of those families have adopted their children, which is a much greater percentage of the families that are comprised of opposite sex partners. There are approximately another 2 million gay couples who are interested in adopting a child.

It is estimated that 4 percent of the children who were adopted are being cared for by same sex parents. According to the demographics, these parents are also generally two years younger than heterosexual parents who have adopted children.While all states have provisions that permit same sex adoption applications, some states may require that the partners be in a legally recognized relationship. In addition, there are also some states that allow specifically for a same sex partner to be a legally recognized second parent on adoption decrees.

Even though both gay marriage and same sex adoption laws provide protections for these families, there are still pockets of resistance throughout the country. Though New York has laws in place that protect these families from persecution and discrimination, there are still instances when such circumstances are encountered. There are family law professionals located in the state who can help resolve any issues surrounding same sex adoptions or related matters in a compassionate and efficient manner.

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