As someone who has always wanted a child, you may have found the prospect of parenthood exciting. However, as a homosexual person, you may have also considered the prospect of having a child of your own potentially out of reach. Now that same-sex adoption is legal in all 50 states, you may have once again begun to feel the desire to add children to your family.

Though you and your spouse may have discussed the idea and feel comfortable with the thought of having a child of your own through adoption, you may also have some concerns. Because many people still have unwarranted misconceptions about same-sex couples, you could worry that your adoption process may not go as smoothly as you would hope.

Common misconceptions

Some individuals mistakenly believe that having same-sex parents may result in a child also becoming homosexual. However, no correlation exists between the sexual orientation of children and that of their parents. Just as heterosexual parents do not have a guarantee that all of their children will also be of that sexual orientation, homosexual parents do not expect that their children will also align with their sexual orientation.

The misconception also exists that children raised in same-sex households will develop more psychological issues. Because of this misguided concern, researchers examined this potential by comparing children raised by heterosexual parents and those raised by homosexual parents. The studies indicated that no difference existed in the potential for negative impacts on personal or psychological development.

Some parties may even feel concerned over the potential that homosexual parents present a higher risk of child molestation. This unwarranted idea has no statistical support. In fact, studies show that when an adult male molests a male child, 74 percent of the time the adult man was in or had been in a heterosexual relationship.

Facing misconceptions

Unfortunately, these misconceptions could come up as part of the adoption process as some courts may debate whether a household with homosexual parents would work in the best interest of the child up for adoption. Luckily, you do not have to face the stigma and potential unwarranted misgivings alone. During this complex process, you can obtain legal assistance from a New York attorney willing to act as an advocate when it comes to you and your spouse adopting a child and allowing your family to grow in love.