New York families come in all forms today, especially since the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages. However, in situations where a couple has been in a relationship before that ruling and a child has been born through artificial insemination, it may be difficult to determine what the legal definition of parenthood should be and what rights and responsibilities should be assigned to same-sex partners who form a family. One woman has recently filed a lawsuit seeking to redefine the role that these partners should play.

According to the civil suit, the mother entered into a same-sex relationship with another woman. She alleges that the couple decided to raise a child together through artificial insemination. Once the child was born, she claims that she fully supported her partner’s role in her son’s life. After the relationship ended, she claims that the former partner did make child support payments for approximately 30 months before terminating the support on her own volition.

The partner has alleged that the mother had made the decision to become a parent before their relationship commenced. She further asserts that every aspect of her time with the child is controlled by the mother and that she has never been afforded the role of equal parent by her former partner. According to the civil suit, the mother claims that the child does spend an estimated one-third of every month with the child and that the woman should be responsible for making child support payments.

A representative of an equal rights group in Minnesota says that the case is similar to other suits in the recent past, and the organization has remained neutral regarding it until there is further information. However, the spokesperson stated that the group is always seeking what’s best for the children in these matters. An individual in New York facing these same-sex legal issues can seek the input of an experienced family law attorney who can fight for the right of a parent in a manner that best serves the children involved.

Source:, “Minnesota mom sues to redefine paternity in lesbian child support clash“, Susan Du, Oct. 17, 2017