The decision to adopt is never one that is entered into without much thought and preparation. No matter whether the potential parents are in a heterosexual or same-sex relationship, the end goal is to provide a child in need with a loving and nurturing family. Though New York has its own laws regarding same-sex adoption, there are still agencies that oppose these parents.

Recently, it came to light that two adoption agencies in particular are actively opposing applications from parents who are in a same-sex relationship. Both agencies claim that such adoptions run counter to their deeply-held religious views. One, which is operated by Catholic Social Services, claims that it was forced to shutter one of its sites after it was being forced to violate its religious beliefs and allow gay parents to adopt. In reality, the agency elected to close rather than allow these parents to provide a home for a child.

The city’s Department of Human Services claimed it had no knowledge of the discriminatory practices that both Catholic Social Services and Bethany Christian Services reportedly promote. Philadelphia’s mayor likewise expressed surprise that these parents were being refused based on their sexual orientation. He further stated that taxpayer monies could no longer be granted to these agencies due to their discriminatory policies.

The deputy director of legal affairs of Pennsylvania’s chapter of the ACLU stated that by allowing faith-based organizations to use taxpayer funds while practicing discrimination may be a violation of the First Amendment. New York has laws that protect the rights of LGBT parents, but there may still be some agencies in the state that work to block these types of adoptions. Residents who have any concerns relating to same-sex adoption may consult with an attorney who is experienced in handling these types of family law issues.

Source:, “Christian Adoption Agencies Caught Refusing Same-Sex Parents – and Now Taxpayer Funds Are Being Halted“, David Badash, March 20, 2018