In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage deserved the same protections as those afforded heterosexual couples. However, that ruling came from a supreme court that had a slightly different composition. The justice who often held the swing vote in more controversial topics recently retired. It is likely that same-sex couples in New York and elsewhere worry what a new justice may bring to the table.

There are many issues that concern the majority of parents. These include worries over adequate funding of public education and protections for the environment. No matter whether a family is comprised of a mother and father or two same-sex parents, parents are the same when it comes to how they want their children to grow up. One mother recently shared her concerns over both the upcoming elections and how the recent confirmation of a more conservative supreme court judge may impact the rights of same-sex couples.

This mother stated that she and her spouse were forced to travel hundreds of miles to legally wed in 2010. After the birth of their first child, they were also forced to work through the adoption process so that her spouse could be listed on their son’s birth records. Since same-sex marriage was given legal recognition, they did not have to fight to have her spouse’s name added to their second child’s birth certificate.

This woman, who is also a veteran of the armed services, expressed her hopes that the rights of same-sex couples will continue to enjoy protection under the federal laws. New York already offered marriage rights to same-sex couples before the 2015 decision. However, the federal law affords even more protections to these families. Residents who have encountered any difficulties related to their marital status or parenting rights are entitled to seek the assistance of an attorney who routinely handles these types of cases.