For the past 32 years, the nation’s capital has celebrated families who have made the choice to open their families to children in need. The most recent celebration of Adoption Day included two same-sex families who were formalizing adoptions of their own. Though many states still make it difficult for these families to welcome adopted children, New York has laws that work to protect these families.

One of the families taking part in this year’s event was overjoyed at the thought that they could finally celebrate being a legally recognized family. The couple had been fostering their newly adopted 5-year-old son since he was a weeks-old infant. They expressed their pleasure that they were finally granted official recognition as a family unit. They hoped that this adoption would be an incentive for other same-sex couples who were contemplating opening their homes to an adopted child.

Another same-sex family also joined in the festivities as they finalized the adoption of their two children, a 6-year-old girl and her younger brother. They also expressed gratitude for being granted the privilege of becoming a family through formal adoption. This couple explained that they had been together for more than a decade and that their families were open to and supportive of their relationship and new children.

Event organizers hold these celebrations to draw attention to the needs of the children who are currently awaiting either foster or adoptive parents. In Washington, D.C., parents of all types are encouraged to open their homes to a child as long as they are capable of providing for the needs of these children. There are many children in New York who are waiting for a loving home of their own. Same-sex couples who are contemplating growing their family by means of adoption may seek the guidance of an attorney who can provide more information concerning the process.