A few years before the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling that granted marriage protections to gay and lesbian couples, individual states were working on the issue. While some states such as New York were more willing to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples, others were resistant to the idea. Residents in one state recently recalled the days leading up to the official recognition of gay marriages.

In this state, a federal judge ruled that the ban on same-sex marriages was unconstitutional. In light of that ruling, couples were rushing to apply for marriage licenses since the state intended to appeal. In the days leading up to the holiday season, couples were worried that simply having a license would not be enough to protect their rights. Therefore many were holding weddings on the grounds of public buildings in order to marry.

One couple shared how they wanted to obtain their marriage license but waited for loved ones, which required them to delay their trip to the courthouse. They then traveled to another government building that was scheduled to open just for same-sex licenses on a Saturday. Unfortunately, the office never opened and hundreds of couples were forced to wait anxiously to hear whether a stay would be ordered. As they were waiting, the news broke that the stay was denied.

The couple received their license and married that day along with dozens of others who were elated to finally be granted the same rights as heterosexual couples. In the days since Utah recognized same-sex marriages, these families have been busy living normal lives that had previously been denied to them. While New York extended these rights to residents years ago, there may still be incidents where these families experience difficulties in matters relating to family law. An experienced attorney who has successfully resolved these types of issues may prove to be an invaluable resource.