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Adminstration to Deny Visas to Unmarried Same-Sex UN Partners

Oct. 5, 2018

The U.S. Supreme Court, in 2015, extended marriage protections to same-sex couples. Nevertheless, when it comes to same-sex partners, many countries refuse to give legal rights to these couples. Following a recent announcement from the current administration concerning enforcement of certain immigration policies, some same-sex partners in New York who are attached to the United Nations may face deportation.

The administration plans to enforce an immigration policy that only married spouses in a same-sex relationship will be granted visas. This ruling will directly impact U.N. representatives and employees who are currently in this country and are in a committed, though unmarried, relationship. The problem confronting many of these foreign diplomats is that same-sex marriage in their native country may be prohibited.

The administration may make exceptions to this visa policy if affected individuals can show proof that their country has banned same-sex marriage. Those who marry and then return to their homeland run the risk of criminal prosecution under those circumstances. However, this exception reportedly will not be extended to include U.N. personnel or representatives.

This decision is seen as an outward sign of discrimination of same-sex partnerships as many of these couples have limited options regarding their marital status. Currently, nearly a dozen people will be impacted by this enforcement policy. Those who are unable to marry will be forced to leave the country by the end of Jan. 2019. New York residents who may be affected by this policy or who have other concerns relating to obtaining a visa can consult with an attorney who is skilled in handling issues relating to same-sex immigration matters.