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Handling Trust & Estate Litigation Matters in New York

Nov. 23, 2016

Although some people in New York may want to avoid discussions of their own mortality, others believe such conversations are better off addressed as early as possible in life. Most people want to protect their own best interests and provide for loved ones as time goes on. Thinking in the long-term, one of the easiest ways to protect assets and secure an inheritance is to execute a well-designed estate plan. Estate owners sometimes face trust & estate litigation matters that are difficult to resolve without experienced intervention.

Handling the final affairs of a loved one can be a daunting experience. Stress levels may escalate if creditors demand payment or if a business partner or other individual files a contested will lawsuit. If a particular situation requires litigation, it is good to know where to turn for help to be guided through the process.

At Khan & Yau, PC, we are committed to serving clients throughout the state with all aspects of estate planning and administration. Our dedicated team of attorneys includes combined experience of more than 20 years. If you believe your family’s success is being threatened due to trust or estate litigation issues, we are prepared to aggressively act on your behalf to resolve the problem.

Property transfers, wills, powers of attorney and advanced medical directives are common facets of the estate planning process that may present complications for a family member who has been entrusted with carrying out a loved one’s final wishes. Estate owners themselves may also seek assistance as they develop their plans in order to clarify existing laws and gain information to help them avoid pitfalls down the line. If you are facing difficulties related to either of these types of situations or any other trust & estate litigation matters, you may contact our New York office to request a consultation.