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How Do People Feel About Divorce Compared to A Decade Ago?

March 28, 2016

Our society will always have an opinion on just about any controversial topic. Our country has recently had a lot of opinions on gay marriage and laws have changed that coincide with how many individuals feel about the topic. But how do people feel about divorce?

Divorce is not an easy subject to discuss. Many individuals feel scared to bring up the topic with family and friends because of the negative implications that come with it. Thankfully, no matter how society feels about divorce, it is a legal option that exists for those that no longer want to be married.

A recent poll shows that less people seem to be accepting of divorce as an option when a marriage is unstable. The poll asks thousands of young adults and teenagers what they think about various types of relationships and changes in family relationships.

A decade ago 44 percent of men polled felt divorce was the best option when a marriage was struggling. The recent number stands at 39 percent. There was a similar drop for women. A decade ago 47 percent of women felt divorce was the best option. That number has dropped to 38 percent.

While statistics can be fascinating, there may be a lot of different factors that play into the results. For example, marriage rates are down as a whole and many people are getting married at a later age. On top of that, this poll was conducted when the economy was struggling. When there is an economic downturn, some couples may not file for divorce because they don’t have the financial means to live separately. These statistics are interesting to consider as we look at how divorce has evolved over time. While the poll shows a lower acceptance of divorce, the acceptance of same-sex relationships has increased in the last decade.