New York City Racial Discrimination Lawyers

Fighting For Equality In The Workplace

New York is an “at-will” employment state, which means that unless there is a contract between employer and employee, either party is free to end the employment relationship at any time and for almost any reason. However, an employer is not allowed to fire, demote or take any other adverse action against an employee based on race, ethnicity or national origin.

At Khan & Yau, PC, we represent employees of all racial and ethnic backgrounds who have been discriminated against at work. Our experienced New York City employment law attorneys, both of whom are of minority descent, understand racial discrimination firsthand. We believe strongly that race and ethnicity should have nothing to do with employment decisions. The law agrees. Title VII makes job discrimination based on race unlawful.

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Recognizing Racial Discrimination

Race discrimination in the workplace comes in many forms, from subtle to patently obvious. Some examples include:

  • Excluding people of certain races from consideration for promotions
  • Refusing to hire someone based on race or ethnicity
  • Using race as a criterion for screening out job applicants
  • Ethnic slurs
  • Racially charged jokes
  • Offensive comments based on race

How Our New York City Employment Discrimination Lawyers Can Help

Whether you are African-American, Middle Eastern, Latino, Asian, or a member of any other racial or ethnic minority, the attorneys at Khan & Yau, PC, are ready to sit down with you and listen as you explain what happened. From there, we can conduct an investigation of your claim, working with seasoned experts to determine whether race discrimination was a likely cause for your termination or demotion. If race was a factor, we will pursue all available options, including the possibility of filing a discrimination lawsuit in federal court.

Our New York City racial discrimination lawyers can also closely inspect your employer’s personnel practices, diversity training, and supervisors’ training to see if they comply with New York and federal laws. If not, we will work hard to have the situation corrected.

Contact Our New York Race Discrimination Attorneys

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