New York City Religious Discrimination Lawyers

Protecting Employees’ Religious Freedom

Tens of thousands of workers in New York City practice Islam. Unfortunately, many Muslims are subjected to discrimination in the workplace on the basis of their religion. If you believe that your employer targeted you for termination or demotion, or otherwise treats you unfairly because of your faith, you have options.

At Khan & Yau, PC, our New York religious discrimination attorneys represent workers of all faiths, including many Muslims, who have been discriminated against due to their religious beliefs and practices. As an employee, you are entitled to equal treatment, regardless of your religious beliefs.

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Recognizing Religious Discrimination

Most religious discrimination that occurs at work comes in two forms. The first is obvious harassment. An employer or co-worker may be overtly hostile to Islam or other faiths and may act on their bigotry by sending harassing e-mails, making inappropriate comments or by threatening bodily harm.

The second form of religious discrimination is an employer’s failure to provide reasonable accommodations for an employee’s religious practices. For example, employers are required to provide time off for religious holidays and to perform certain religious duties. Another example would be an employer’s refusal to allow a Muslim to pray at certain times of the day as required to properly perform Salah.

Devoted To Your Rights

Much of the employment law practice at Khan & Yau, PC, involves representing workers who have been discriminated against due to their religion. With more than 20 combined years of legal experience, you can rely on our lawyers to give you the compassionate service and effective representation you need.

The solution to your problem may be as simple as our lawyers writing a letter to your employer explaining that your religion requires certain accommodations that must be made. Or, we may need to file a lawsuit on your behalf. When you come to us, we will take the time to learn about your situation and then help you decide what steps to take next.

Questions About Workplace Religious Accommodations? Contact Our New York Attorneys.

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