EB-5 Visa

Residents of foreign countries seeking to invest in a business operation in the United States may seek an EB-5 investor visa if they can demonstrate that the business will hire at least 10 full-time employees who are legal residents of the United States. Currently, the minimum investment required by the USCIS for urban areas is $1 million. For rural areas, including communities with less than 200,000 population, the required amount is reduced to $500,000.

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In addition to EB-5 investor visas, businesses throughout the New York City area turn to us for a full range of business immigration needs, including:

  • EB-5 visas for individuals with outstanding ability or who are undergoing advanced research
  • EB-2 visas for individuals with advanced degrees
  • EB-3 visas for skilled workers
  • EB-4 visas for other skilled workers who meet the following criteria:
    • Ordained ministers and religious workers
    • Broadcast professionals
    • Translators of Iraqi/Afghan languages
    • Doctors and medical professionals

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